The  STORY behind MEtropolitan Training Research Engineering and Consultancy

METREC is a young startup founded with the aim to help cities and metropolitan areas become sustainable,circular and resilient.

Why METREC was founded

We nowadays live in an increasing urbanized world. A world with linear cities and metropoles that for their existence or better said for the provision of their services like housing, education, leisure, work, health-care, dependent on their surrounding environment in terms of resources such as energy, water, food and all sorts of materials that nowadays flow into the City or Metropole and after being consumed, their remaining’s are being discharged as waste.

In addition our Cities and metropolitan areas are also being confronted with all sorts of developments such as migration, climate change, cyber security, resource scarcity and the list goes on and on. For this reason, transforming our cities into circular, sustainable and resilient ones, has gained a lot of attention in the past decades.

However transforming our cities is rather complex.  Cities or urban areas are characterized with double the complexity as they do not only exist out of technological infrastructural highly complex networked systems, but cities and their systems are shaped and transformed by complex agents. 

People, who unlike many of the business models tell us, are not driven by rationality, but their actions and behavior is influenced and shaped by many factors. Factors that ultimately influence the extent to which sustainable measures can be implemented.

Therefore in order to contribute to the facilitation of metropolitan systems innovation ME-TREC was founded. The main aim is to help organizations attain inside on the social, economic, technological and political factors that influence system innovation. For this ME-TREC uses a systems thinking, multidisciplinary and  participatory approach and focuses upon the energy, food, water and materials resources cycles.

ME-TREC aims at highlighting the interplay between end-users, governments, institutes, public and private service providers to seek potential systems alteration pathways. Finally through Trainings, Research, Engineering and Consultancy ME-TREC aims in a participatory way to contribute to a genuine sustainable and just world.

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About the Founder

METREC is founded by engineer, trainer, New Amsterdam Council Member, Young Author – Spoken Word artist and entrepreneur Dina El Filali,  born and raised in Amsterdam (the Netherlands).

During her bachelors she majored in International Land and Water Management and minored in GEO Information Science for Society. After a gap year in which she co-founded Creative Delighters, she pursued her curiosity and drive to contribute to a genuine sustainable world and started the Master Program Urban Environmental Management. During this program she majored in Urban Environmental Systems Engineering and in her free choice specialized in Sustainability for business and industries, Circular Economy and the role of Empowerment for Sustainability.

During her graduation year she went back to her hometown of Amsterdam and conducted as a Research and Valorization intern at the AMS Institute an exploratory research on the operationalization of the concept of resilience for metropolitan Systems. This research was conducted in collaboration with local stakeholders and scientists linked to the AMS institute. In addition as an AMS graduate at the AMS Institute she developed a participatory facilitation tool named the CUSET (Complex Urban Systems Engineering Translation) tool, which became the foundation for the METREC.

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